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We're One of the Only Austin Chiropractic Clinics Specializing in the Healing Power of Graston Therapy.


When combined with gentle, advanced chiropractic care, Graston can truly help relieve your stubborn and persistent pain!


The Graston Technique…funny name, isn’t it?


The problems it’s used to treat aren’t funny, though, especially if they are happening to you. Chronic pain from soft tissue injuries, scar tissue, carpal tunnel, back pain, and other health concerns are often successfully treated with the Graston Technique.


This technique has even reversed problems once believed to be permanent conditions.


The Graston Technique® is a revolutionary form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that allows clinicians to successfully break down fascial limitations and scar tissue.


What’s that mean to you?


It means there is hope that you may be able to rid yourself of pain and regain your former flexibility.


Scarring is a natural part of healing after an injury or surgery, but the problem with scar tissue is it’s very different from normal tissue. It’s not as elastic and tends to draw together. This decreases the amount of motion available in it.


It also damages the fascia, the system of tiny white microtubules filled with fluid that covers every cell inside the body. It actually makes up about 80% of what is normally called muscle. It’s a strong, fibrous tissue that is capable of exerting up to 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch when it tightens or binds up. No wonder it causes so much pain when it’s damaged! Because fascia has normally been treated just like regular, muscle traditional treatments such as stretching, exercise, and drugs have been ineffective.


Graston is Different...


The Graston Technique, a potentially life changing chiropractic technique, takes a new direction in treating this tissue. Aided by the use of specially designed patented stainless steel tools, this method treats the fascia itself rather than just the joints and muscles.


Conditions that may be negatively affected by damage to the fascia include back and neck pain, foot pain, wrist pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, shin splints, golfer’s elbow, scar tissue, and others.


The Graston technique has helped many people who suffer from these conditions find pain relief and regain mobility, even those who have never been able to be treated successfully before.


Here are some of the benefits of the Graston Technique:


  • Less rehabilitation time and speedier recovery from injuries
  • Improves both chronic and acute conditions
  • Lessens the need for anti-inflammatory drugs


The Graston Technique has been gaining in popularity and is now used by several professional sports organizations like the NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball. It’s also now being practised at leading hospitals and major universities.


We're one of the few places in this area offering this innovative healing technique!


Even if you have given up on finding a cure for your chronic pain, call the Active Life for a free consultation and see if the Graston Technique could be the effective treatment you’ve been hoping to discover.


We’ve seen amazing results with numerous visitors to the center and would love to also help you become pain free and mobile again.


Active Life accepts most insurance and will create a care plan personalized just for you. Don’t give up.


Call Active Life today at 512-474-5433 to schedule your Austin Graston session today.

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