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Migraine Headache Treatment in Austin, TX. MiRx™ Nasal Spray Provides Lasting Relief


The root cause of migraine, headache, and facial pain lies in a nerve cluster called the Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG), which is located in a difficult-to-reach area of the nasal cavity. Getting pain relief to this location is a challenge. Instead of sending medication through your entire system to get to your SPG, the MiRx™ Protocol sends medication directly to the source of your pain. It is quick, easy, and inexpensive.


What is simpler than a nasal spray?

The MiRx™ Protocol uses a specially designed applicator—the Tx360™ nasal applicator—to reach deep into your nasal cavity and target the SPG, knocking the pain out at the source. It is small and flexible, so the procedure is not uncomfortable.

Using the Tx360™ nasal applicator, a spray containing a small amount of anesthetic is distributed. The anesthetic blocks the pain signals in the SPG, and your pain is relieved immediately.


A Safe and Effective Alternative


  • The MiRx™ Protocol is safe and effective. Patients report immediate decreases in their pain levels.
  • Using the MiRx™ Protocol is safer than the long-term use of prescription medications or over the counter pills.
  • Research supports the MiRx™ Protocol as a complete, long-term solution to headache and migraine relief.
  • The MiRx™ Protocol is safe enough for pregnant women.
  • Utilizing the MiRx™ Protocol is safer and more effect than surgical interventions.


Pharmaceuticals attempt to relieve pain systemically, but sending medication throughout your whole body to reach one spot is inefficient and poses risks of addiction or harm to your internal organs.


Headache and Muscle Pain


When muscle pain and tissue injury cause tension headaches, we can supplement your care with manual therapy, such as chiropractic care or medical massage. Treatment to the head, back, and neck can often resolve chronic headaches resulting from damage to cervical tissues.




" I was involved in a minor auto accident in May, 2016. At the time, I didn’t feel like I had any problems other than some bruising on my arm. But several weeks later, my pain became almost unbearable and I was suffering from daily headaches. I came in for maintenance and decided that day to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. It was determined that I was suffering some effects of whiplash. I started therapy right away along with trigger point injections. After several weeks, I realized I was taking much less pain medicine, and the headaches had stopped. This last week of therapy I have come in after a full day of work completely pain free! Thank you!

- A Sparks


" Through my exercises and treatment at Medical Center for an Active Life, I have experienced a significant reduction in headaches from 3-4 a week to 3-4 a month. Stretching and exercising has also improved my energy level and flexibility.

- R Beard


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