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In our clinic we have a "Wall of Fame" where we proudly display stories from our patients about how the team here at Active Life has changed their lives. These are their stories, and with our care and treatment, your story could be just as powerful and positive (and on our Wall of Fame!):



Weight Lifter's dream of Olympic Gold, crushed by severe lumbar injury.


Martin Y. came to Active Life after a near-crippling HOT lumbar disc injury knocked him out of being even able to train on a regular basis.


The severity and pain were so bad that he didn't know if he would ever be able to lift weights again.


Yet after just two months of adjustments and rehab, he is now back at the gym and feeling better than before!


Way to go, Martin!


We wish you success along your athletic journey, and we'll be there for you every step of the way.



Making Austin roads a safer place to drive.


Joe P. - our December 2013 Patient of the Month - came to us because of the severe pain in his hip every time he took a step. He used to run 70 miles per week and it eventually caught up with some of his joints.


To be honest, at first we weren't sure we could help him, but we said "let us work on you for a month and see what we can do". He agreed, and we started out using the very low-force KST technique with him.


After only one month of treatment with us, his hip pain is gone! He stated that he keeps waiting for it to hurt again, but it does not. One of the things he told us as he was going through treatment was that NOW he could turn his head and see behind him in traffic. (This is actually a common comment from people that originally come to us with neck pain, but the FIRST time we have had it from somebodies chief complaint being hip pain.)


He had not even been aware of how stiff his neck was until he started feeling better and getting loosened up with his treatments at Active Life. He's still doing great and is one of our favorite Active Life senior athletes!


Thank you for coming in to see us, Joe, and giving our treatments a chance to work. We are so GLAD that it worked for you!



Local champion natural body builder and personal trainer couldn't feel his toes.


Theo T. and his family have been patients of Dr. Schade's for over 20 years and because of his passion for training and lifting, he often finds himself in pain. Whether it's numbness in his toes or his latest injury, a damaged rotator cuff, we're always there to help him.


In fact, after only one Graston treatment and a few adjustments with us, his rotator cuff was back to peak condition, and he went right back to the gym to train for his next big competition! We are also helping bring back the feeling in his toes so he has balance and stability back.


Now, he shows up here at Active Life every Friday as part of his maintenance program with us to keep him at peak training and performance heath.


Theo, we've got your back (and everything else) - and we wish you the best on your latest bodybuilding endeavor!


We HIGHLY recommend Theo's training program if you happen to be in the Georgetown area or even if you are not, he is so worth the drive. You can contact him at theospersonaltraining@yahoo.com.



Kenneth K. (recently featured in Texas Monthly) - Bus Driver Extraordinaire waylaid by a flat tire.


Kenneth keeps in shape when he is not driving by running around our beautiful city.


But low and behold he got what we call a "flat tire" (plantar fasciitis, inflammation and pain on the bottom of his feet) which could have ended the job and runs he so enjoys.


Luckily we have found a Winning combination of Graston, ultrasound and feet adjustments to keep him up and running!


Way to go, Kenneth!


Thanks for keeping all those tipsy Austinites safe at night and helping them get to where they need to be during the daylight hours.



Ted Schulte

"I had great experience with Dr. Schade and Active Life. I went because my elbow was killing me. I could not even shake hands with people. Dr. Schade is an expert on soft tissue and body mechanics. It turns out that the origin of a lot of my issues were in my neck and my forward head position. Funny...but when it comes to the body, sometimes one problem leads to another. Until you go see someone that understands how to diagnosis the root cause you will never really be healed. I truly feel Dr. Schade knows what she is doing. She started with x-rays and clearly showed me the issues. She prescribed physical rehab and an advanced soft tissue therapy (Graston technique). In about 2-3 months I my elbow is great. In fact, my whole body is reshaped. I would not let anyone else touch me but her. I personally drove almost 40 minutes each way just to see her. I trust her that much. You will be impressed by her, her staff and all the equipment in their facility. The whole place is impressive."



Kimberly Arlinghaus

"If you are struggling with physical pain, look no further...Dr. Cynthia Schade has perfected a center for healing like no other. As a physician who has had the privilege of helping many patients over the years with chronic pain, I can't emphasize enough the key role of expert chiropractic care, especially when combined with active physical rehabilitation and healing massage. It's just hard to find--until now. After suffering with chronic pain for 23 years, I walked out of Dr. Schade's office after two treatment sessions pain-free and have remained so ever since. The combination of thorough evaluation, precision adjustment, active exercise, therapeutic massage, and modalities like the Graston approach which breaks up fibrous snarls of angry connective tissue, well, it's been the ticket to wellness for me. As an extra bonus, Dr. Schade utilizes state-of-the-art technology starting with her terrific online registration to user-friendly body location diagrams where clients can map their pain each visit. Her office staff is always courteous, friendly, and eager to help. This unique package of outstanding services keeps me coming back each week, braving Austin traffic all the way from Cedar Park to Dr. Schade's door. I'm delighted to refer friends, family, and patients in need to the Active Life & Healthcare Center...it's a healing place that makes your body a recovery space!"



David Diaz

"I started going to Active Life to heal a lower back injury. A couple months after intense physical therapy and regular adjustments, I am happy to report that my lower spinal region has been healed and my alignment has been restored. The staff is friendly and willing to work around any schedule. I cannot recommend Active Life enough."



Michelle Auwae-Lapilio

"In addition to receiving outstanding chiropractic care from Dr. Schade [and team], I have undergone the clinic's Graston treatment on an old knee injury and have had tremendously positive results. I highly recommend this clinic and the excellent staff."



Leslie Stevenson

"Dr. Schade and her team... what they have done to help heal me is fantastic! Three weeks ago I went to Active Life barely able to turn my neck and I had been having horrible lower back pain - causing me to miss work and basically want to lay around the apartment feeling depressed and miserable - which is very unlike me - I am normally pretty active. We have been working on what we found out was my twisted sacrum (causing the lower back to do all sorts of nasty things) and my neck alignment issues. Today I went in for an adjustment and told Dr. Schade that she should take a video of me dancing for advertisement - because I felt like I could dance again! I then showed her some of my sweet dance moves and laughed, thinking people could be amazed AND amused all at the same time :D Thanks Dr. Schade, Dr. Cole in rehab, and all of you at Active Life. I can dance again."



Nancy Perrone

"Dr. Schade has helped my body to heal. I rely on her amazingly strong skill as a chiropractor along with her intuitiveness to find the deeper reasons for pain in my body. I've been going to ALHC for over 2 years and always the experience is one of caring, compassion and skill. I am a woman who has relied on chiropractors to keep me out of the western medical offices as much as possible, and, I am in my sixties now and, I am healthy, strong and happy. So apparently my plan has worked well. I must say that Dr. Schade is the absolute best chiropractor I have encountered in my entire life. She also has the gift of being a deep listener and her adjustments change according to what my body needs. This is important as my body has changed over the years. I am most grateful to Dr. Cynthia Schade!"




"Best thing I've ever done for myself – After only one visit to Active Life I felt better than I've felt in 5 years. The staff is friendly, caring, and informative. I can't believe that I didn't do this sooner. I've tried everything to ease my constant neck and back pain but until now, nothing has worked. I was recommend to ACTIVE LIFE and I too will recommend their services to others. If they can do even a fraction of what they did for me for anyone else, its well worth the affordable price : )"


"Best Chiropractor in Texas! – Active Life is AWESOME!! This is the first chiropractor that REALLY relieved my symptoms by correcting my original problem. I originally went in to see them due to a rear-end collision I sustained -- I was back to better in no time. The entire staff is great. They even have a special therapist there named Victor who is key in helping your body exercise new muscles to break old patterns of illness. Finally, I have to second another poster about Chris -- he is the *BEST* at what he does -- his massage is amazing and everytime I left there I felt like I had spent the day at the spa. The first time he gave me a massage I almost cried it was so good. They also have a great, caring front desk that really works with you to get well. This is honestly the first time I can say that I've ever looked forward to going to a chiropractor. My treatment is complete now (unlike other chiros who milk your injury forever) and I can say I still feel amazing. I am planning now to set up some maintenance visits so I can stay on the right track...Well done!!"



Geoff G

"Thank you Active Life! – I am a 52 year-old child psychologist. I ruptured my right achilles tendon playing basketball with the neighor kids 5 1/2 years ago. I've had almost constant pain ever since due to complications that caused an unusual amount of scar tissue. I've been in physical therapy three times for a total of 12+ months; had a lot of deep tissue massage; and acupuncture. These interventions have helped temporarily but the pain comes back and makes it hard for me to work at a desk or drive. Two orthopedics have told me my only remaining option is more surgery but they are not optimistic about outcome. I learned about the Graston Technique from a magazine article. I live in San Antonio, and Active Life in Austin was the closest provider of that treatment. I've made the drive from San Antonio to Austin for 8 Graston sessions. I had immediate improvement in pain reduction after the first session and it has been sustained. I have almost no pain and stiffness now and I'm optimistic I'll continue to see improvement.. I used to take a lot of ibuprofen and naproxen and now I don't need it. I am very grateful to Dr. Schade for improving my qualty of life. She and her staff really care about helping people feel and live better. I am very glad I learned about the Graston Technique and found Active Life. I have recommended both to several coworkers, family and friends."




"Don't know how I lived with out them! – Totally Awesome. I had sciatic pain and muscle pain in my neck/upper back. Now, I feel terrific! I didn't know I could feel this great! I also didnt know I had a choice between manual adjustment (the back popping I'm familiar with) or the instruments, and Dr. Schade told me to communicate with them on my preference. Super sweet staff, geniunely concerned with your well being. Respectful, very important when someone is rubbing your bare butt with their hands. I don't like to think about how my body felt Pre-Active Life. I am a new woman! I can't believe I had almost reseigned myself to a life with pain, and that I could have missed out on how wonderful my body feels."




"Best Chiropractor in Austin – I have been going to Active Life for 5 weeks now. I came in with GI problems that I have suffered with every day since I was 19. I am 33 now. I assumed I would be doing the food sensitivity testing and the vitamin deficiency testing. To my surprise Dr. Schade recommended chiropractic adjustments as well. She told me she thought she could help me feel better. Now 5 weeks later I can tell you she was right. Within days of my first adjustment my GI problems stopped. I feel normal for the first time in 14 years. Dr. Schade, Rachel, Chris, Levi, Jenifer, Michael, and the rest of the staff at Active Life are more then nice and more then professional. I always feel better after an appointment then before. I highly recommend Active Life to anyone in need."



K. Fouche

"Walked in hunched over, walked out with hope! – When I came into ALC, I was hunched over with extreme (!!!) neck and back pain. To be honest, I was skeptical and a little fearful of chiropractic care - all the wrenching and jarring of the bones...and I was hyper-sensitive to touch. After the first visit, I had some real relief (I was upright and moving slowly) and the hope that all would get better soon. After about 4-5 visits, I was able to resume my everyday activities, and after about 10 visits, I was upright and able to move freely and rapidly. I AM SOOOOO THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE AT ALC for both their expert skill and know-how to get me moving again soon, but even more for their constant kindness and professionalism. I was always welcomed with a compassionate smile and treated with kind hands and calming, up-to-date therapies. If you are a first-timer like I was, this is the place you want to be."




"Happy Trail Rider – I went to ALC with little hope of really getting well, I had been through a mirage of test and doctors. After one visit I was hopeful. I was AMAZED !!! I felt better than I had in over a year.I had almost given up trail riding. Now I'm back to riding my mules,working on the ranch and even put in a garden this week. The staff is professional & friendly. If your tired of being in pain ( it's depressing) don't wait any longer. I have heard back from people I referred and they are as delighted as I am. My pain is gone, my balance is back and I'm LIVING LIFE again, you can too !!! See ya on the trail"




"You gotta try this place!!! – From the first time I called for an appointment, Active Life has exceeded my expectations. I have been plagued with severe headaches for several years and have taken numerous medications with very little relief. When I called to make an appointment, I was greeted with friendliness and professionalism. I was able to see Dr. Schade the very same day. Dr. Schade was very encouraging and, at my request, gave me an adjustment at my first visit. When I left there I knew I had made a decision that would change my life for the better. I was right. Over the first several weeks, my condition improved dramatically. After almost three months, I continue to improve. I am now on a 'maintenance plan' where I go in once every three weeks for treatment. I feel better than I have felt in a very long time. If you have chronic pain, you should give Active Life a call!"



L. A.

"Fabulous comprehensive care – Every time I went in I was remembered and greeted warmly by the receptionists. Then I received care from at least three different professionals, including a chiropractor, massage therapist, and physical therapist, and spent time hooked up to one of their fancy machines. I was never in there for less than 1.5 hours! I loved how they integrate treatment with prevention elements like nutrition and posture, and they really worked with me to find a way to fit my schedule and insurance difficulties. And its far from your normal sterile doctor's office environment, they have beautify art displays and the staff are casual and joke with each other. I would highly recommend them for anyone with any sort of health problem and I hope the rest of the healthcare industry follows their example."



Erika H

"Helps you help yourself – In May 2009 I was having a problem that my primary care physician passed me along to a specialist, who passed me along to another specialist. Specialist #1 wanted to give me lupron depot, a shot that would send me into menopause and then do surgery. Specialist #2 seemed to agree and wanted an extra surgeon. I did not think they'd done enough testing and diagnosis to come to such an extreme conclusion, I googled around and found that chiropractic is often used for this condition with good results. I have been to Active Life 4 times now, and my problem did not come back on its previous schedule, and I'm feeling good. The doctors and therapists at Active Life work with me to give me things I can do for myself (dietary changes and exercises) and also use various massage and chiropractic techniques & other tools in their clinic to help my body heal itself. No invasive chemicals or surgery. It's not a 'magic solution'--It's going to take a while to get to 100% healthy and I have to do my part with my eating choices and exercises a few times a day, but I am satisfied with my results so far and I ALWAYS feel better leaving the clinic than I did going in. I am a down to earth, somewhat skeptical, somewhat cynical person, but chiropractic WORKS for me. What a relief."




"Healing hands – I recently visited Active Life after being gone for two years. What an amazing team! When I explained my issues to Rebbeca on the inital phone call, she got me in that day. Once I got there, I was taken back for therapy immediately and treated for an hour and 1/2. My medical history and chief complaints were thoroughly discussed, a physical exam, and 2 separate muscle relaxing techniques provided prior to the adjustments needed. I got immediate relief from Dr Schade's healing hands. After the adjustments, there was a laser therapy applied to aid in quick healing. I was treated by a few different team members throughout the appontment, most of them long term employees of Active Life. They are all very knowledgable and very imformative on all proceedures. It was nice going back and seeing so many familiar faces. Dr Shade definitely has the touch!"



Diana L.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow... – I am 53 yrs young with a long history of bad posture but very active nonetheless. The years took their toll on my body and it became more painful to run and exercise as I got older. Even sitting in front of a computer was not comfortable. I had chronic back and neck pain. I went to many chiropractors over the last ten years. All did chiro adjustments in different ways and alleviated my pain, BUT none have made nearly the difference that Active Life has made in my life. I had read about the Graston technique from other sources and thought it would be beneficial for me and found that this clinic practiced this procedure. However, much to my amazement they also offered SO MUCH MORE! This clinic has a complete team of the finest professionals I have ever encountered, from the front desk to massage and physical therapy, and chiropractic. You walk away with so much more than chiro adjustments. This clinic is committed to your healing and health and has the most knowledgeable team that will provide whatever it takes to make that happen. In the three months that I have been going there, my posture and spine have made tremendous significant improvements from the physical therapy exercises, deep massage body work, chiro adjustments, Graston and other therapies. There is absolutely no reason for folks to accept growing old with aches and pains, when there are professionals committed to making bodies the best they can be at any age! Thank you Active Life for making me the best that I can be!"



Austin M.

"Help at Last – I have enjoyed running for years, but strained a leg muscle several months ago. I consulted a sports medicine doctor who didn't seem to know what was wrong and so sent me on to physical therapy. After going to physical therapy for a month without feeling better I turned to my friends for advice. Several of them recommended Active Life so I gave them a try. Not only has my leg healed, but they taught me ways to prevent it from happening again. I really like their comprehensive approach to treating me. In addition to working on my leg, my lower back, neck and shoulder pain, that I thought I was destined to live with, are gone. They always took time to explain to me their treatment approach and helped me understand a larger perspective on keeping my body healthy. The staff is extremely warm and caring, creating a wonderful atmosphere to heal. I am deeply appreciative to everyone at Active Life for helping me live pain free and for getting back to running around Austin."




"Years of damage, reversed – After years of back pain, I found Dr. Schade and her staff. I have been a patient for 10+ years and never looked back. The damage to my back was extensive and now it is the best that it has ever been. There is only one way to explain my experience there: the doctors there are healers. Sounds strange but you will have to experience it to understand. They work with you to heal and then teach you to build muscle/flexibility to protect and prevent further damage. These folks see the bigger picture in your health. I hope they can do for you what they have done for me."




"Miracle workers – Dr. Schade and her staff are wonderful with a very holistic approach to healing- they'll treat all of you. I originally visited her back in the early 90's at their old location to treat some pain I was having and was very impressed. I recently came back approaching 40 with some debilitating back spasms and committed to more regular visits for a short time. The practice has grown and it is amazing. She's given me my life back! No more spasms, I'm running, rock climbing, biking again and- thank heavens- cooking (yes, even that was giving me spasms). I wish I had done myself a favor and visited her more frequently early on. My favorite treatment is Graston. I have had some chronic pain that I never thought I would be rid of it and it is totally gone. My whole life is truly better. An added benefit- I have never really liked floor work or indoor exercise but now religiously do the simple movements they taught me to strengthen my core and boy my abs are showing it. And it's so easy! Her staff made it fun. It's not like other dr's office where you are just sitting there in one place- you move from treatment to treatment and people are very friendly. Often, someone would look in on me and give a little massage if I were waiting anywhere. I, personally, like it. It's kind of like going to happy hour. If you are having pain you should go. The removal of the chronic pain I was in was worth it alone. If you do, I'll see you there!"



Carolyn Fleming

"Austin's Best Chiropractic Care – I was sceptical of what benefit I could really receive from chiropractic care but was willing to give it a try. That was 15 years ago! They have helped me with lower back pain, carpal tunnel and knee problems. I can't say enough good things about these folks. Dr. Schade at Active Life is the guiding force. She is open to new ideas and continuously explores new treatments for her patients. At Active Life you get the whole package, massage, chiropractic care and other treatments! Are you still at home?"



Barrett G.

"Highly Recommended* – Dr. Schade and all of the wonderful staff at Active Life have worked wonders on my decades old headache problem. I feel like the treatments have offered me a *real* fix from the inside out. I would say this is a very holistic and pragmatic way of looking at the body and our health. The office is extremely personable and completely helpful. The location is nice and next to many great South Austin spots."




"Totally Recommend Active Life! – The team at Active Life is incredibly competent, and after just a few weeks of sessions I feel that the program is making signifant progress in my quest to decrease chronic muscle tension and correct posture and proper spinal alignment. This clinic is great for active, athletic individuals who have come to a place where their issues are beyond what diet and exercise can solve, and offers another kind of intervention to improve longterm bodily health. The South Austin location is nice and convenient, too!"




"Learning How to Heal – I do believe Dr. Schade and her fabulous team have helped me learn how to heal, the right way! Dr. Schade really helps to make sure the right treatments are done each time. The excellent physical therapy team teaches strengthening, correct posture and stretching to help heal and prevent injury recurrences. The massages have been the best I've ever received. I was able to experience Graston treatments on my knees. The Graston treatments have made the most amazing improvement in what I thought was osteoarthritis, but in fact, seems to be scar tissue buildup. Chris has helped smooth out the tissue and in just two weeks I've got a very hopeful outlook with regard to my future activity. It's wonderful to be able to move without pain!"




"Definitely Recommend – Dr. Schade and the entire team at Active Life are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! I initally went to the Clinic for the food allergy test and decided to try their treatments for consistant headches I was having on the left side of my head. I have only being going to clinic for two months and have already seen great improvments in my headaches and posture. I have learned so much from the physical therapy team on how to strengthen and correct my posture. This is so important as I sit at a desk most of day and did not realize the strain this causes on different parts of your body. And that there were exercises I could be doing while at work to prevent strain or injury. I would definitely recommend going to them!!"




"Simply Wonderful! – Active Life is everything I could have imagined and more. Very professional and friendly. Everyone knows your name and genuinely care about your well- being. All of the Dr.'s and physicians have their own way of treatment so you get to experience various methods of rehabilitation and they all work! I highly recommend them."



Sherry N.

"I am getting treatment for my carpal tunnel syndrome there which includes rehab, adjustment and massage therapy. There are few people over there who only watch the clock when they are attending the patients (for example setting a timer for massage which does not make any sense and makes your muscles even more nervous than relaxed!) However it is great if you are lucky to see the other group of staff there. Victor is awesome in the rehab. He gives you great exercises and explains them very carefully. He watches you and makes sure you are fine. Chris in the rehab and massage is such a nice caring guy. He can make the painful ‘Graston’ enjoyable! Dr. Laura is a very sweet and caring lady in the adjustment room. Diego is a very nice, gentle and caring massage therapist. He makes sure to spend good amount of time with you and solve your problems. These are the ones who really care if you are happy when you leave that place and make my visits enjoyable. I highly recommend them!"



Chris F.

"Kinda hard to imagine going anywhere else or approaching spinal problems in any other way... I've been to several other chiropractors over the years, and they don't hold a candle to this place. The chiropractors are great, but the overall wellness plan is where they really shine & seperate themselves from the others. Victor, the lead trainer, is an indispensible gem!"



Scott S.

"I've been going for years. Had pretty bad knee pain for many years until a healer at Austin Active Life fixed me up! The owner is a person who cares more about people than about money and it shows. I always look forward to my visits there!"



Kelley W.

"Dr. Schade and her team are wonderful in every way. I have been going to her for three years. I was in constant pain and she has rescued my back and my body. When I was having trouble with plantar fasciitis the graston technique worked wonders to heal my foot. I love how the new office is working with the designated treatment areas. Now the flow of patients has been established and waiting time is at a minimum. I highly recommend her and her practice."



Kaysh S.

"I have been to multiple Chiropractors for a back problem which now has gone on with pain for years. While going through 24 treatments at Active Life I have no more back pain! They are no ordinary Chiropractor, they do much more for their clients, because they care. They are organized, have great hours and I look forward to each of my visits! A word of advice; stick with the plan! I didn't feel any relief until visit 13 when I started getting slight relief and by visit 24 I was completely better and am still feeling great a year later! I still go for my "maintenance" visits twice a month. It's so worth it!"



Matthew L.

"I've been to chiropractors before but never healed as quickly. They approach the problem with different treatment modalities from physical rehab training to massage therapy. And nobody yells at you"



Andrew T.

"I was referred by my dad a couple months ago due to my chronic low back pain. I have been going there for about 6 weeks and am almost all the way better. Great knowledgable staff."



Matt L.

"I love the people at Active Life. Six months ago I went in with a shoulder injury that caused sharp pain and limited the mobility of my left arm. Dr. English and Dr. Schade took plenty of time to talk to me during my initial consultation and performed x-rays and mobility tests to determine the extent of my injury. My treatment initially required me to go in three times per week for the first six weeks. It wasn't always convenient or fun, but it certainly was effective. They have three components to their treatment (for my situation anyway) - rehabilitation, massage and chiropractic. Rehab consists of stretches and exercises that are specifically targeted to your condition. I always worked with Kim and she's great - very friendly and helpful at keeping me motivated and on task with my exercises. Listen to her advice on posture. Massage isn't just a general massage to make you feel good. It's focused on your troubled areas and it's very effective. It doesn't always feel pleasant, but it works. Most of my treatments were done by Steve. I found him to be incredibly knowledgeable and I'm confident that the work he did on me was key to my recovery. I could write an entire review on how awesome Steve is. The final piece of the puzzle is chiropractic. I believe they have five chiropractors on staff and I was treated by all five of them. They were all really good. I was happy with all of them and completely trust any of them do an adjustment, but if I was going to recommend just one of them, it would be Dr. Gore because of his personal approach and the extra time and care that he put into the treatments. But again, they were all great. My treatment wasn't cheap, but it was absolutely worth every penny. They provide value for their services. A couple pieces of advice for anyone going to Active Life... When you're doing rehab, Kim will probably give you some exercises to do at home. Do it! Don't slack... it'll help speed up your recovery time. The more effort you put in, the better your result will be. Don't be afraid to ask questions. They're there to help you and you may as well get your money's worth. They'll talk to you about diet, exercise, posture, health and whatever else you want. They're very nice people. If any of the massage therapists or chiropractors stand out to you and seem to help you more than others, you can ask to see them specifically. They're a team at Active Life and you'll be helped by a lot of people, but they recognize that sometimes certain people click and they're happy to accommodate requests like that. These days, I feel great. I couldn't be happier with my treatment at Active Life and currently I still go in twice per month for maintenance. I want to stay healthy and my visits will continue to reduce in frequency, but I believe I'll be a patient at Active Life for life."



Peggy K.

"The folks at Active Life have created a warm and nurturing and even fun environment for people healing from injuries. The chiropractors are all very professional. The rehab massage team is amazing--and are the very best at finding just where it is you need hands on. The mini gym where they have you warm up is just the right size with equipment to warm up on and to learn how to do effective exercises at home. Highly recommended also for their very flexible scheduling."



Nancy G.

"Active Life has made a huge difference in my life. I've been in pain for years--shoulders, hips, knees, arms...Traditional medicine would treat one thing and not the whole problem. The combination of effective treatments, rehab, graston, massage, chiropractic adjustments, and many other treatments are the perfect combination. Everyone there is warm, knowledgable, and caring. I highly recommend them!"



Henry P.

"Active life is quality. Kim, Victor, Natalie and the therapy staff are top shelf. Conscientious insightful and merciful with the hands; OBEY what they tell you to do and you will feel better. Whatever they are getting paid, its not enough."



Paul S.

"Great staff, always greeted with a smile and I don't recall ever having to wait at the front desk. The PT group and chiropractic doctors are the best I've ever been seen by. I would definitely recommended them."



Molly A.

"I really don't know what I would have done without Dr. Schade and the amazing folks at Active Life. At 18 (now 46) I had a bad car wreck and have been to numerous doctor's and chiropractor's for close to 30 years to help solve/manage the pain in my neck and shoulders. Over the 8 years I have been with Dr. Schade, I am finally living without pain and I am on a maintenance schedule that works for me both financially and from a health perspective. Gone are the headaches and the daily struggles of pain. Thank you all - the entire team are helpful, supportive and always there for me."



Dennis P.

"Dr. Schade is a life sustainer! As a skeptic I wouldn't have thought I would ever use a Chiro but Dr. Schade has brought me back from the brink of despair several times. I just love the euphoria after getting an adjustment and highly recommend her to anyone."



Donna S.

"If you're in pain, there is one place to go... Active Life. I love that there are so many different methods to tackle pain from so many different angles. I have gotten really great results and they are totally up front with everything. The staff goes out of their way to put the customer at ease and make sure I feel loved and taken care of. How can you beat that, loved up and feel 1000 times better than when you went in???"



Chris H.

"EXCELLENT Place, When I first arrived 5 years ago at Active Life I did not have a lot of money and they still did everything they could to help me. I have referred many friends and family members to Active Life over the past few years. In one case when they were not able to help my friend they went out of their way to find him the help he needed. I have never been to a health care facility where they took such a personal as well as professional interest in their patients. If you want to improve your health, posture or overall well-being I highly recommend seeking care at Active Life."



William E.

"I have been a patient of Active Life for over 8 years, and still continue to be amazed at the skill level of the entire staff, and the commitment to recommend the appropriate therapies and exercises to help with healing. Over the course of time, I have experienced severe lower back, hip, and sciatic nerve pain in the legs, and Dr Schade and her staff got me walking again and back into sports. In addition, I have experienced repetitive injury in the neck and shoulders caused by too much computer work in an inside call center role, and Active Life was able to address this injury effectively. Most recently, I experienced a rotator cuff tear in the shoulder due to a sports accident, and Dr Schade recommended the Graston treatment to help restore the shoulder function. While still in process of this treatment, I have seen significant reduction in pain, and near normal mobility. I have worked with different chiropractors off an on for over 30 years, and can attest to the caring nature of Active Life's practice, and ability to make a real difference in their patients' lives. I highly recommend Dr Schade and her staff!"



Dan S.

"The facility is new and they have a slick computerized check-in system. Dr. Schade is thorough and excellent at cracking your bones. I felt relief after just one visit. They worked with me to figure out the best treatment option considering my finances and insurance plan. Their business manager is very professional and explained things quite clearly. I'll definitely be returning for maintenance appointments!"



Monica R.

"They extended their military offer for 90 more days!!! They are heaven sent!!! My appointment is already tomorrow! Woohooo!!!!"



Kimberly A.

"If you are struggling with physical pain, look no further...Dr. Cynthia Schade has perfected a center for healing like no other. As a physician who has had the privilege of helping many patients over the years with chronic pain, I can't emphasize enough the key role of expert chiropractic care, especially when combined with active physical rehabilitation and healing massage. It's just hard to find--until now. After suffering with chronic pain for 23 years, I walked out of Dr. Schade's office after two treatment sessions pain-free and have remained so ever since. The combination of thorough evaluation, precision adjustment, active exercise, therapeutic massage, and modalities like the Graston approach which breaks up fibrous snarls of angry connective tissue, well, it's been the ticket to wellness for me. As an extra bonus, Dr. Schade utilizes state-of-the-art technology starting with her terrific online registration and the user-friendly body location diagrams where clients can map their pain each visit. Her office staff is always courteous, friendly, and eager to help. This unique package of outstanding services keeps me coming back each week to enjoy a massage or adjustment, braving Austin traffic all the way from Cedar Park to Dr. Schade's door. I'm delighted to refer friends, family, and patients in need to the Active Life & Healthcare Center...it's a healing place that makes your body a recovery space!"



Mike O.

"I was diagnosed with patellar subluxation and told physical therapy would be the best treatment. I couldn't lift my leg at the knee without excruciating pain. The physical therapist I was told to contact was just far too expensive so I looked around for other options. Thankfully I found Dr. Schade and the Active Life staff. They worked with me financially under my insurance plan, making my visits very affordable. My physical therapist Celeste (she's the best) gave me an array of exercises to perform under her supervision that have helped me tremendously. Along with getting Graston done as well as regular adjustments on each visit, I have been on the road to recovery and am able to bend my knee without pain. I can actually take the stairs up to my apartment now without laboring and holding on to the rail. I am very grateful for what the staff there has done from the front desk ladies to the medical staff. This place has become my 3rd home and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of this type of service."



Bryan L.

"Been going to active life for about 3 weeks. They have incredible work with my lower back and I appreciate them offering their services for free to active duty people. I cannot thank then enough and highly recommend active life to anyone."



Sylvia C.

"I first went to Active Life in 2010 because one arm was going numb. I followed their plan for me and like them so well I recommended my husband go to them as well for neck problems he was having. We both received great care and my arm has not been numb since that time. Then this past summer I began to have different problems, sore joints, and my feet hurt so badly there were days I didn't want to walk. I felt awful. Also I had Frozen Shoulder which was the reason I went to them, not knowing that they could help me with all of those other things as well. What I've found is that not only is my Frozen Shoulder condition greatly improving, but those other problems are going away as well. What I like best about the care I receive is the variety things they can do to help: excellent physical therapy, massage, and different chiropractic methods. Chiropractic care is always gentle (which matters to me). I have mostly worked with Dr. Schade, but care has been given by Dr. Laura and Dr. Kelley as well. Everyone offers caring expertise. As far as payment goes, they work with my insurance company, and offer different ways to pay, making it easy and very affordable compared to other chiropractors I've worked with in the past. The front office is professional and friendly as well. I just follow their advice and stick with the plan. I am so grateful to Active Life for helping me feel good again!"



Mark O.

"This clinic worked with me despite my extremely tight budget. They say "you get what you pay for", but this clinic gave me my life back. Dealing with injuries sustained while serving in the army was making it hard to do even the most mundane task unbearable because of the pain. The always friendly staff found the root of my pain and took the right measures to set it right. They also provided me the tools I need to help maintain my new lease on life. I'll tell you what... I haven't felt this mobile and pain free in years!"



Peter E.

"Active Life is great and has helped me many times overcome back issues. They deeply care and have always impressed me with their approach and evolution to look at human health and wellness more holistically."



Penny S.

"This is a great place to go to get well.  They have really good chiropractors and therapists,  in addition to a rehab center under one roof.  Dr Schade has been my chiropractor for many years and there is no one else that I will trust with my spine!"



Melissa C.

"my massage by natalie was amazing! i felt like a different person leaving and almost forgot what my first name was. she worked my  body to the core!!!"



Shalom S.

"great, caring awesome people run this place!"



Paul D.

"I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for these guys.  Everyone who works there is genuinely kind and sincerely cares about your treatment and healing.  Everything from physical therapy, massage to chiropractic treatments, my results have been great so far and I've only been going for about 2 months.  It's a blessed place, for sure and I highly recommend their services."



Heydn E.

"I've loved my time with Active Life. The staff are always pleasant, warm, friendly, and helpful. My issues weren't severe by any means, though years of bad habits and computer use had resulted in bad posture and lower back pain and pain between my shoulders. They started me immediately and, within a few weeks, the pain had gone away. The most telling moment came a month ago when a stranger asked me if I was a Marine because I was standing so well. No joke. Apparently I've made some progress! All thanks to Active Life..."



Alonda M.

"I walked into Active Life two months ago unable to walk. I had hurt my leg when trying to finally lose weight by walking because my back and hips were so out of line that I had strained my leg trying to walk crooked. In this short time, the caring, hardworking and amazing team at Active Life have not only restored my ability to walk, but I just finished a five mile walk last night...without pain, mind you...which was further than I could stand to walk before. I have lost 15 pounds working with them and am much happier. These people KNOW what they are doing and care about you and your full recovery. They work to the goal of you not having to see them any more (except for maintenance) because you are doing so well. Come see the group at Active Life as soon as you can! Active Life is an amazing place. I have never seen anything like it. Everyone there is really concerned with helping you get well as quickly as possible, no matter how long that takes. They are professional, efficient, caring, personable, and just pain kind. Dr. Schade and staff helped me be able to walk again after an injury on the trail due to the horrible shape of my spine and hips due to years of abuse. I highly recommend them to every and any one I meet. Their focus is entirely on healing the whole person, and they do that and do it well. I went from not being able to walk to walking 5+ miles a day on the Town Lake trail in 3 months due to their guidance and assistance. Very enjoyable experience. They are top drawer all the way. If you are still sitting there hurting, not sure where to go, give Dr. Schade a call. I guarantee you won't be disappointed."



N. A.

"I'm a big fan of this place! What I love is that the staff and chiropractors are clearly knowledgeable and interested in my long term health and well- being. After an individually-tailored program of strengthening and stretching, not only do I feel less pain, but I was also given the skills to rectify the situation on my own if it were to occur again. Overall, it provided me with comfort and a sense of empowerment."



Stephanie R.

"Great place! I was always weary of going to a chiropractor as I have heard so many horror stories of being "sold" and a "waste of time" that I lived with pain for nearly 10 years! Thanks to this group I am on my way to feeling better and for the first time in 10 years I actually have days without pain."



Irina S.

"I can't say enough good things about Active Life. They have improved the quality of my life tremendously. No more pain, I can move freely. They have resolved an elbow problem, a hip muscle issue and some back pain. Check them out and you won't regret it."



Debbie M.

"The therapists are so knowledgeable...and I really liked the open flow of the place.  I liked the 3-front approach of massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.  I have gone to chiropractors before that adjusted you and sent you on your way...and a day later everything was exactly the same.  I went in with a pinched nerve in my neck and after a couple months of treatment, I was feeling better than ever.  After the physical therapy and MRT, I realized that I actually had a neck.  I still do the excersies that Kim gave me to do almost every day...and my posture is dramatically improved. You definitely feel cared about here."




"I have been going to Active Life for almost ten years. I have always received excellent chiropractic care, especially through two pregnancies. The staff and doctors always try to make your visit as efficient as possible and you can always count on a happy greeting. I recommend Active Life whenever I can, you won't be disappointed!"



Jake J.

"Chiropractic works. It's been around since the late 1800's. The challenge is to find the RIGHT chiropractor. I have been treated by nearly countless Chiropractors over the years. (Many amazing and, unfortunately, quite a few NOT so good. In fact, pretty awful--from questionable skills to used car slime financial & scheduling approaches.) I have worked in several chiropractic offices--from front desk, to teaching yoga therapy & providing deep tissue body work. I was married to one of the best chiropractors on the planet.  Point is, I can save you a lot of headaches & stress--two of the VERY reasons you may seek chiropractic care! I have been searching for the right chiropractor in Austin, Texas for 7 years. I have recently found a whole HIVE!! I say hive because the whole place is positively BUZZING with good vibes and healing activity!(one of my requirements for the RIGHT office is that everybody from the front desk to the back is positive & caring.) Excuse the metaphor mix, but I hit the JACKPOT at Active Life. There are several chiropractors at Active Life, offering a unique, diverse, customized & effective chiropractic experience. You can choose one, or as I do, one for each of my multiple personalities! I am also extremely impressed and satisfied with all the various physical therapies such as massage (relaxing to deep), Graston (my FAVORITE new discovery to erase scar tissue & pain--look it up!)& ART (active release technique). The friendly, positive & skilled therapists also guide you through a personalized series of stretches & strengthening exercises to speed your progress & keep you on track at home. My only complaint is that I never get to sit and wait in the welcoming waiting room ;) The minute you walk in, you are whisked to the back where the magic happens.  Muscles stretched and massaged, scar tissue melted away, bones adjusted, vertebrae aligned & nerve pressure and pain relieved...I emerge into a more relaxed world of vivid colors and brighter attitude, ready and more able to create, move freely & enjoy life! Give yourself or someone you love this lasting GIFT--ok, go ahead, insert cheesy orchestrated elevator music here--the gift of health. But, in this case, this is not a paid commercial. It's a true testimony from a very picky & demanding patient that has truly found a place of healing. Treat yourself to a series of chiropractic adjustments at Active Life in South Austin. It will adjust your attitude, too!!"



Michelle L.

"i have been getting treatment from Dr. Schade since 2000.  She and her staff have seen me through a bike accident, car accident, work injury, and other general aches and pains... the desk staff is helpful and professional, Victor is an encouraging and caring physical therapist, and the other associated staff have always been helpful.  i have respect and trust for the work done there, and i highly recommend Active Life!"



Lauren O.

"The tripartite approach of physical therapy, chiropractic adjustment, and massage therapy made a HUGE difference in my chronic back pain. While i was in the intensive program they start you off with, I would sometimes even go 20 or 30 minutes feeling no pain at all, which hasn't happened to me since...ever. I was really skeptical of chiropractic at first, but I'd tried doing just physical therapy and just massage therapy at different times (as well as yoga and trigger point injections), and nothing was even nearly as effective as the program here. I wish I could have afforded to do the intensive therapy for even longer! I still do my exercises regularly, but it's not as effective without the regular massage/adjustments. They do keep you on a program where you get a massage/adjustment once a month, and that's probably enough for most people, just, alas, not for me. Anyway, if you're in pain, I highly recommend Active Life."



Chris F.

"I've had a lot of chiropractic care, and this group is great.  They're very much centered around informing & empowering their patients to help themselves.  My experience tells me that this is what most people need, and the other crack & wack chiropractors did little to help understand what i needed to do and instead led me to believe that visits, visits, and more visits was the answer to my problems.  I had to work hard with A.L.H.C., but that was what I needed.  Highly recommended."



Bill L.

"I am on vacation in Austin and I popped an arm muscle. I have been down this road before and it led to two frozen shoulders so I was desperate for some quick ultrasound therapy. Cynthia answered my email in minutes and an hour later I was in her clinic! Very "happy"  (with my kind of quirky sense of humour) people work at Active Life and this all adds up your having no reason to go anywhere else in Austin."



Suzette L.

"I started having chronic headaches that I've never before experienced. They came on quickly and stuck around for about 20 consecutive days with no relief. Since this had never been in my medical history, I came to a dismal conclusion...I'm entering the realm of jumping from one specialist to the next. When the situation escalated, I ended up in ER with an even more pounding headache, severe heart palpitations and strange tingling sensations in my extremities. The attending physician ran tests, recommended I see a cardiologist and sent me on my way. I was on the road to a dreaded journey. I had already been unsuccessful in the past with other issues that really required getting to the root cause as opposed to masking symptoms. I was already seeing a naturopath since modern medicine had been unable to 'fix' the problems. I did some research that lead me to chiropractic medicine. As I sifted through a myriad of practitioners, I found Active Life. Since I hadn't been to a chiropractor in years, I wasn't sure if I was even in the right direction. But I had to give it a shot. I didn't have time for a brain tumor or heart condition;-) I was greeted by the friendliest front office. I filled out forms and was in the doctor's office quickly even though there were many in the waiting room. Dr. Cynthia Schade was very thorough and knowledgeable which gave me the confidence I needed to continue. She didn't just "adjust" me like some people assume. With a thorough examination, she concluded that I needed an x-ray. After the results were in, it was clear I needed some work on my neck and spine. But, she wasn't done. Thankfully, she ordered an MRI to rule out any serious issues. When I got the results back, I was very relieved!"



Sunee C.

"I'm pretty sure Dr. Schade has healing powers. I came in this week with a bulging disc and had basically no range of motion and a lot of pain. She, along with the physical therapist, got me on the road to recovery right away. Within a few days, the recommendations they gave me had me feeling so much better. Each treatment is at active life is individualized, something I didn't experience elsewhere, and I like that they value physical therapy, massage, and yoga to compliment the chiropractic experience. I followed my massage therapist Kim Telles here with Acui Therapies. She is amazing as well. I've seen a lot or chiropractors and massage therapists over the years and both of the best are at Active Life."



Whitney Lauren U.

"I love Active Life! The staff is wonderful, professional and personable. The location is very convenient for me. I see Dr Shade, she is a great listener.  I like how they offer physical therapy, massage and chiropractic services all in one building. Love coming here!"



Meghann O.

"The chiropractor I was using at this office moved but the massage service here is great! I just got a massage from Jon Toerner with Acui Therapies at the Active Life and it was amazing! This was the 2nd massage I have gotten from Jon and they just keep getting better and better. He figured out exactly what I needed from just one visit. It was the perfect balance between relaxation and deep tissue. I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated. I practically floated off the massage table and skipped out of the place. The price was great! I would highly recommend Jon for your next massage."



Jeff S.

"It's hard to find words to express how grateful I am for Active Life. Dr. Schade is a true professional, as kind as she is skilled. The mobility in my neck has gone from almost non-existent to extremely flexible. X-rays show the improvement is dramatic and real. Everyone at Active Life is top-notch, from the awesome front desk Nicole to the amazing physical therapists like Alex and Dr. Cole.  Life-changing. Good people. Good place. Go!"



Jan K.

"I've had so much experience with chiro's and healing arts pro's and have to admit, some disappointments regarding chiropractic care.  I have old injuries of shattered pelvis and heavily scarred upper body following spinal meningitis at age 27.  YEARS later I work out, eat correctly and maintain a stable health condition. Recently neck and lower back issues were unresolved by my usual practitioners and I decided to put my body in the hands of Dr. Schade, who laid out a program fitting my schedule, budget and yet would get results.  I was hopeful, but never really thought I could be as wowed as I now am. This is ONE SKILLED WOMAN and her entire staff knows their stuff.  I can't tell you how many times I've wished I could just totally trust that I could visit a doc that would read my body and find a way to pain-free living.  I don't know how I could rate her higher.  So here's my recommendation: STOP WASTING TIME, MONEY AND MONTHS OF DISCOMFORT AND GO CHECK OUT Active Life!!"



Lindsey N.

"I can't say enough great things about Dr. Schade. She is a healer in many forms with her latest being the Emotion Code. I've had a couple sessions with her and the information she received from my body using this system is absolutely amazing and so beneficial. The clearing process she has done so far has been tremendously helpful and I have definitely felt a difference from the experiences. I can't wait to do more with her and will continue to use her as my healer for many years."



Meera A.

"My first set of visits to Active Life was about a year ago, when I had pain and tightness along my left side (hips through torso), and right sided shoulder pain. I was seeking a Graston practitioner, having heard a lot about the technique. At my second visit there, Dr Shade was able to start Graston work on me, and right away found the areas that were causing me pain, enabling me to walk properly again. Over the course of several visits, we were able to fix most of my issues. I'm back at Active life now, getting adjustments for neck & shoulder pain. One day after Dr Schade's adjustments, I have full range of motion in my shoulder again, and the pain down my bicep has lessened considerably. [She gets 90% credit. 10% credit goes to the stuffed penguin my son tucked in the crook of my neck to suck the pain away :-P ] I have *tons* of chronic and degenerative pain issues, and I've probably tried everything a few times over out of desperation, and Dr Schade is one of the few who has helped me recover each time I've walked in with pain."



Cat Ballinger, LMSW

"I've been going to Dr. Schade's “Active Life” for over 20 years now, following her from the original house on 6th St. to her current Brodie Oaks location. This is one remarkable Healer who has always gotten me back on my feet despite my many injuries like whiplash, low back pain, muscle spasms, falls, scoliosis, pinched nerves… and now multiple sclerosis. She takes time to Listen to me, then offers a specific remedy that does the trick for that ailment. One of the modalities that especially helps me is the “Graston” method, which breaks up scar tissue damage. I don't know of any other Clinic doing this, but it is ever so powerful and deeply gratifying! Kudos to Dr. Schade for continuing her quest in seeking out the best, most innovative clinical techniques available. This kind of passion and dedication to both her profession and her clients is rare. It is a personal quality of hers I regard HIGHLY that keeps this Clinic heads and toes above all the rest."



Gabriella Espinosa

"I've been going to Active Life for over a year now and I have to report that my overall balance, structure and emotional well being have turned around significantly as a result. I love not only the very knowledgeable Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and staff but also the wonderful community and sense of family they have going on there. I have several congenital structural differences in my body that require regular support. The Active Life team has helped me tremendously. Much appreciation!!"



Norm Ballinger

"I've been going to Cynthia Schade's clinic for 11 years or so, getting excellent care for everything from tweaks to twangs. As a carpenter and construction worker I can get pretty torqued out, so it isn't always a simple matter of getting cracked up, in a good way I mean. Active Life combines a variety of methods, so the treatment fits. As a guitarist I have problems with "tennis elbow", which the carpentry work makes worse. Active Life uses Graston technique to eliminate crusty adhesions in the muscles, such as scar tissue or repeat stress gnarls. All this to say these folks do an excellent job of taking care of issues with the tissues. Thank you Active Life!"



Donna Stevens

"My experience of doctor Schade and her competent team has been wonderful. They don't treat people like cattle (even though it is Texas), herding them in and out as quickly as possible. Every time I have been, it feels like they are seeing me for the first time, taking time to know about me both physically and personally. There is a friendliness and sincerity that makes me feel quite comfortable trusting them with my health needs. I like the fact that I can get a whole program to feel better fast! I like a wholistic approach and that's what I get at active Life... and a lot more. You won't be sorry you went. If you're like me, you'll be dancing around better than you ever have!"



Dennis Petrash

"I've found a miracle in Dr. Schade. Long ago when I couldn't solve my back pains and limited mobility through conventional medicine, I looked towards Chiropractic care for help. Through a referral I visited Dr. Schade. I often speak about the euphoric experience when she first adjusted my spine, something I still enjoy. Additionally, I found my mobility returns, the pain decreases and I'm able to function and do what I want to. I had my apprehensions but I can say truthfully, once you get past what you think and try this alternative medicine, you too will come to appreciate chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Schade!!!"



Jan Kuchel

"I've had 2 life-altering (body altering) experiences in my youth; shattered pelvis and spinal meningitis. Top and bottom of spine, scarring and a bit of an interesting shape of the pelvic basket makes for a tricky back to keep fit, strong and pain-free. Currently 59 yrs old, I have used so very many healers, so when one comes to a place where solution is realized; multiple modalities available; the search is over. I'm NOT okay with "sometimes pain". I strive to achieve zero pain; total mobility. It's a process after smashing up the body, but it's achievable; I can attest to this fact. Active Life provided me with that myriad of choices and directions at which I could point my current condition on any given day; among which are body mechanics, massage, acupuncture, nutritional knowledge, yoga; simply byproducts of having the best professional working knowledge of successful chiropractic practice. Dr. Cynthia Schade attracts the best of the best to work inside these walls. This is a wellness center I wholehearted endorse & I'd not pass up if you've found yourself left wanting in your physical wellness."



Paul Davis

"I first went to Active Life about 10 yrs ago. Since that time, I have been to them for various treatments ranging from chiropractic to scar tissue removal on my left leg. The entire staff is very warm and courteous and I've always come out with great results. Now that I have 'Kung Fu' elbows I just made an appointment with them again. :)"



Robin Ramos

"Dr Schade [and her staff]  have helped me so much with my back pain. It has gone from a pain scale of 9 to 5-6. They are a God send to me. Compared to other chiropractors I've been to, who never adjusted me and took my money, Active life has changed my persPective on the industry. Thank u :-)"



Laura Allen

"Great experience going to Active Life! I've been a patient there for the last six years. They've helped with my headaches and other minor annoyances over the years - very friendly staff with a special thanks to Dr. Kelly. Highly recommend for anyone considering chiropractic care."



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