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Austin Yoga Therapy and Gentle Chiropractic All In One Convenient Place!


Yoga and Chiropractic Care work in harmony!


You may not think that an ancient method like yoga and a scientific practice like chiropractic have much in common, but in actuality the two therapies share several common goals.


They are both used to increase flexibility, relieve pain, improve posture, and protect the body from injury.


Along with spirituality and meditation, physical yoga encourages balance and strength, two mutual objectives of chiropractic care. Together, each enhances the benefits of the other.


How your spine benefits from both yoga and chiropractci care


Chiropractic care and yoga are both holistic therapies that do not use drugs or surgery to promote healing. Chiropractors focus on improving the relationship of the spine with other parts of the body and freeing spinal subluxations.


This involves a doctor applying a series of scientifically based adjustments to realign the spine. Once you’ve undergone chiropractic treatment you need a way to preserve that newly adjusted alignment. Yoga is an effective method.


Yoga exercises strengthen supporting muscles that help maintain proper spinal alignment. Together, chiropractic and yoga synergistically work to keep the spine and the nervous system functioning harmoniously.


In fact, because chiropractic care can actually CHANGE the curvatures in your spine and how yoga helps strengthen musclesyour spinal alignment it is extremely beneficial to get checked out by a chiropractor before you even start practicing yoga. A variety of yoga poses, called “asanas” are performed and depending on the condition of your spine certain asanas are better for some people and may need to be avoided by others.


Some asanas focus on improving strength and posture while others concentrate on calming the central nervous system and allowing the cervical, lumbar, and thoracic sections of the spine to decompress and stretch. This strengthens the diaphragm and expands the lungs.


Another benefit of yoga?


It’s an exceptional way to relieve stress. Most people have experienced the tension and aches stress can cause. By teaching harmony between mind, body, and spirit yoga helps people learn healthier lifestyles and encourages positive thoughts.


Yoga is a beneficial therapy for athletes who use repetitive motions and strain specific muscles and is equally valuable to people who are desk-bound all day and need to add more movement to their lives. By focusing on breathing techniques yoga helps the body become more oxygenated, the nerves calm, and anxiety is released.



Success with yoga and chiropractic care at Active Life


In Austin, you only need to go one place to get the best of both chiropractic care and yoga practice. Dr. Cynthia Schade recognizes the benefits of combining yoga and chiropractic and provides them both at Active Life. No need to go anywhere else.



We can provide numerous success stories about the strategic use of both chiropractic and yoga here at Active Life. One of our favorites is that of a man who recently came to us with a fairly severe curvature in his lower back. After just 2 months that curvature was reduced by a significant 9 mm. He was consistent with his chiropractic care and in doing his prescribed exercises, many of which are yoga based. If he continues it is possible his spine may be entirely straightened. These are results we LOVE to see.


Our Austin yoga studio is located right next door to the chiropractic center so it’s easy to take advantage of both services. There are classes that are perfect for the beginner and others for advanced yoga students. Unlike many yoga studios, at Active Life we keep the classes small so you get the personal attention you need and deserve and our hours are as flexible as our yoga instructors. You’re sure to find a class time that works perfectly with your schedule.


You may be surprised at how affordable yoga sessions are; some cost as little as $8. That’s a small investment for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


Active Life and Yoga Studios –let us help you discover wellness.



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